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About Meraki Remarkable Care

Meraki Remarkable Care is a physiotherapy equipment supplier based in Texas, USA. At Meraki Remarkable Care we are committed to providing effective and quality physiotherapy products. Our products are designed and manufactured by experts to deliver the best care for users. All the products are high-quality to provide a graceful living experience, assist users in recovering from pain, and to push their physical limits to achieve their physical health goals.

Our Story

Meraki Remarkable Care was founded in 2022 by Alisha Hudda. At the young age of 13, Alisha was inspired by her dad to become an entrepreneur. Her dream was to make her dad proud by developing a brand name that would one day be recognised worldwide. Alisha's dad passed away when she was just 15 years old, but through the years, she never forgot her promise to her dad, and continued working to make their dreams a reality.
Now, 16 years later, Alisha's experiences in a range of different fields have finally allowed her to make her vision come true...in the form of her own company, Meraki Remarkable Care.
The Greek word "Meraki" means doing work with soul, creativity and passion. The inspiration for Meraki Remarkable Care was born when Alisha was working in a company that sold physiotherapy products.

One day, a patient came to purchase a wrist brace. When Alisha saw his hand, which had multiple fractures and extensive swelling, she refused to sell the customer a wrist brace. Instead, she was able to organize a doctor's referral that ensured that customer got the medical care and assistance he needed.
The patient was so happy with the service he received that he returned to visit her later, and told her "thank you for your remarkable care for your customers". That sentence has always remained with Alisha, and served as her inspiration to develop Meraki Remarkable Care.

During our lives, most of us will have some experience of of chronic pain, whether it's a student spraining their ankle during sport, an office executive having pain due to incorrect posture or an elderly person suffering from
arthritis pain. No matter our condition and life stage, we all wish to enjoy a pain free life. It is Alisha's dream that her company, Meraki Remarkable Care, can be a be a part of every person's journey to recovery. By providing the
best quality physiotherapy products, all designed by experts and developed to meet the user's needs, Alisha hopes to fulfill not only her own dreams, but those of her customers, by allowing them to live their best, pain-free life.