B38 – Lumbar Back Brace


Ideal for:

  1. Chronic low back pain
  2. Sciatica
  3. Discogenic disc disease
  4. Prevent back injury.

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Durable Skillsoft material to ensure unparalleled wearing comfort Duo-pull elastic panel design allows different compression levels on the abdomen to ensure optimum comfort Four contoured steel stays.

Product Features:-

  • Due-pull elastic panel design allows separate compression levels on abdomen to ensure to optimum comfort
  • Four contoured steel stays for improved stability
  • Simple touch-and-close fastener Velcro closure
  • Ideal for back pain for patients who demand excellent comfort to skin

Shop Back Brace for Lower Back Pain Online

Back pain is experienced by us once in our lifetime. Injury and disorders are premium reasons for back pain, and improper posture and lifting too contribute to the pain. If you have developed a pain, then, a popular way of preventing it and improving the posture. A back support belt assists in that. Lower Back Support Belt for Sale Online from Meraki Remarkable Care will save pennies and  your back.

Get the best back braces from Meraki Remarkable Care!

The back braces support your back and hold it in the best position. It prevents strains during sitting and standing. These braces are for work, exercising and other tasks and situations.

Are you planning to wear a back brace? The key points are- Back braces are not to be worn all the time. They are worn for less than 2 hours. Users should remember that excessive usage of the brace, leads to muscle atrophy and weakens the core.

Immobilization can help back pain heal- People with past injuries or spinal surgery should avoid unnecessary movement. Back braces can prevent movement and would help you heal. At Meraki Remarkable Care we let you Shop Back Brace for Lower Back Pain Online. If you choose the belt, you would have an upright posture with your back getting adequately taken care of. You can buy the back braces online from us. We have the best to help you remain upright and fit. Waiting for a back brace ends with us at Meraki Remarkable Care.

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