E18 – Universal Arm Sling


Ideal for:

  1. Sprains or contusion
  2. Shoulder dislocation
  3. Injuries to the rotator cuff, wrist and hand
  4. Post-op immobilization


The Universe Arm Sling was designed to be the perfect solution for many different arm injuries. It’s excellent for post-surgical procedures to limit arm motion. Each universal arm sling comes in a classic blue color and is made from comfortable cotton, breathable fabric. Plus, the O-ring on the strap helps keep everything centered so you won’t need to constantly adjust positions. This arm sling is universal for both right and left arms. Fits most arm lengths.

Product Features:

  • Low profile, breathable cotton/poly envelope design provides optimum support, ventilation, and wearing comfort
  • Adjustable envelop size design by folding sling towards the elbow and attaching with velcro contact closure
  • Quick-Release buckle on shoulder strap for quick application and removal Shoulder pad gives comfort
  • wearing Universal sizing

Buy Universal Arm Sling Belt Hand Support

An arm sling fastens the recovery procedure as the problems in the arm, shoulder and other places turn worse. The product supports the arm holding bones in a normal position. As it reduces the movement so the healing of the injured area is quick. Limited movement can help recover more swiftly as the injured muscles & bones do not take too much weight.

Know how the sling works before you purchase the Arm sling belt online !

You can buy the arm sling from us. These slings treat the painful injuries for the short term by limiting the movement of the injured shoulder, arm etc. Even the risks of other injuries are hugely reduced. These slings are recommended by doctors in the first instance before they provide further treatment. In certain cases, the doctor might recommend the sling after checking the injury if required. Get the Universal Arm Sling online with ease. Note that please wear them short-term as wearing them for too long can trigger frozen shoulders (condition when the shoulder is still and in pain). Based on the injury type, the arm slings are found. Choosing these slings gets economical and efficient for all. We deal in quality slings.


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