C10-Posture Corrector


Ideal For :

  1. Improper Postures due to clavicular bone
  2. Helps with collar bone pain
  3. Recovery from minor clavicle fractures & injuries


This posture corrector is intended for either men or women for prevention and elimination of fault in posture and spinal curvature. The posture brace reliable restrains and protects joints and muscles of the thoracic part of the vertebral column. It is a comfortable harness that improves posture over time. Use the harness loosely adjusted so that it only stretches when you lose your posture, which encourages you to stretch. It can be used 1-3 hours every day, in front of the computer, at the gym or under the jacket in the office. Why is attitude important? Posture affects your body language, gait and performance. Good posture increases well-being and reduces stress while strengthening your back and core. In stock

Product Features

  • A device for medial & lateral ankle immobilization
  • The simple Velcro closure on this shoulder strap posture brace allows for easy application and adjustment

Shop Posture Corrector Belt Online

Bad posture during slouching or sitting is bad for your physical health. It can degrade your quality of life and is much more than a simple bad habit. Poor back posture makes your health suffer. But you could fix the posture with a back brace posture corrector.

Shop Back Brace posture corrector from the haven Meraki Remarkable Care- The back posture corrector works wonderfully and is a choice you need to make. Buy back posture correctors online from us for simple posture fixing. Before you buy it, let us know what all they could offer.

Back braces retrain posture- The back braces would retrain the posture till they are comfortable naturally. The choice of the corrector should be made after viewing the sizing chart and choosing the right fit. When chosen correctly the corrector could be worn below the clothing and does not cause irritation or is not restrictive.

Regular use of the corrector would-

  1. Decrease the back pain
  2. Improve the mental health
  3. Lethargy is handled

Shop posture corrector belts online and get distinguished perks. Thus buy the posture corrector from us for the advantages that it promises to deliver.


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